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What's Smart Autopay?
What's Smart Autopay?

BillTrim's Smart Automatic Payments

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Smart Autopay takes the hassle out of bill payments. Once you've connected your bank account, it automatically pulls funds and pays your bills on time, so you can focus on what matters most.

Setting up Smart Autopay is a breeze.

  1. Connect your bank account within your BillTrim profile.

  2. Select the bills you want to automate, and link your bills with us.

  3. Enjoy the convenience of hands-free bill payments.

Benefits of Smart Autopay:

  • Time-saving convenience
    No more manual payments or remembering due dates. Smart Autopay frees up your time for things you enjoy.

  • Avoid late fees
    Say goodbye to late payment fees. Smart Autopay ensures your bills are paid promptly.

  • Peace of mind
    Relax knowing that your bills are taken care of automatically, even when you're busy or away.

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