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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions about how BillTrim works

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Why do you need my bank details?

In order to pay your bills automatically through BillTrim, we need to link your bank account to our platform. This allows us to withdraw the necessary funds when your bill is due and load them onto your BillTrim card. This ensures that your bills are always paid on time, without you having to worry about manually making payments.

How do you keep my information private?

At BillTrim, we take your privacy very seriously, and we use a variety of measures to protect your information. Here are some of the ways we keep your information private

We use encryption: We use industry-standard encryption to protect your personal and financial information. This means that your information is scrambled and unreadable to anyone who doesn't have the proper encryption key.

We don't sell your information: We never sell your personal or financial information to third parties. We only use your information to provide you with the services you have requested, such as negotiating lower bills on your behalf.

We limit access to your information: We only allow authorized employees and contractors to access your information, and only for specific business purposes. We also regularly review our security practices to ensure that your information is protected.

We comply with regulations: We comply with all relevant regulations and industry standards for data privacy and security, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

How does BillTrim card work?

The BillTrim card is a virtual prepaid card that allows you to pay your bills conveniently and securely. When you sign up for BillTrim and connect your bank account, we will ask for your permission to set up automatic payments for your bills. If you agree, we will automatically load the amount needed to pay your bill onto your BillTrim card each month when your bill is due.

You can use the BillTrim card just like any other debit or credit card to pay your bills, and you can track your spending and savings on the BillTrim platform. This means you can see how much you are saving each month by using our service.It's important to note that we never pull money from your bank account without your explicit consent, and you always have control over how much money is loaded onto the BillTrim card.

Will BillTrim change my provider or services?

No, Billtrim will not change your service provider or services without your permission. Our service is focused on negotiating with your existing providers to lower your bills, not on changing your services. If we are able to negotiate a better deal with your current provider, you will continue to receive the same services you were receiving before, just at a lower cost. You have full control over which bills you connect to our platform and which providers you work with.

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